When Knowledge comes virtual

Roshd Virtual Learning Platform

ROSHD  Danışmanlık ltd.şti.  is an integrated Turkish research, training and education company with partners from Canada  comprising major integrated training and education technologies, that  include best used virtual learning platform, web based classes and other up to date curriculum.


Our main objective is to serve as a platform for customized e learning and distance learning to jointly collaborate with other universities in Turkey and south Asia in efforts to make knowledge at the hands of those willing to get.  

Roshd is now marking its first step in penetrating and building up presence to  become a potent and formidable force in the Middle East region by setting  up an integrated research, training and learning place that shall serve as the regional hub for Middle Eastern students.  

Our founding pillars have always been on team work and collective efforts capitalizing on our partners and members' rich  human resources, deep expertise and extensive  networking to rise to challenges and overcome every obstacle in building great success in the region.


• Roshd's Strategic Objectives:  

1- To facilitate the delivery of knowledge and professional experience to a wide scope of Syrian students.  

2- To help those fled from Syria to pursue their education and build their professional career future.  

3- To enhance the human resource capacity of the Syrian nation.  

4- To help in the peacekeeping  process by playing a role in civilizing the country.  

5- To carry out research on the Syrian society and other investment related aspects.  

6- To end up and sustain Roshd campus in Syria in five years' time plan